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Flower Power: Inside Garden Design Magazine + Subscription Discount

  Garden Design Magazine’s spring issue is a celebration of flowers. Wildflowers, edible flowers, flowers for cutting, and enlivening landscapes. To enjoy the full issue, subscribe here. What’s exciting is Pass The Pistil readers get their first issue free. I…

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A Year for Love & Book Making

  It’s been 7 years since I began writing and capturing images for Pass The Pistil. When I started, I wasn’t sure where it would lead, I just knew I had to start. Through the process of writing the blog,…

6 Comments / 107 View / January 23, 2017

How To Make a Trash Can Planter

If you can convert a trash can into a planter, you can convert nearly anything into a garden. Any size or style, sky’s the limit. Thinking outside the box might be your ticket to a verdant lifestyle filled with the…

2 Comments / 1055 View / July 7, 2016

Small Space Gardening Tips in Chicagoland

  What happens when you endure an unusually long, cold winter and finally the weather starts to turn the corner toward spring? Right! Pull out the short sleeves, seeds and plant — of course. I was fortunate enough to find…

0 Comments / 172 View / April 27, 2015

Grow What You Love and Pass It On

  In gardening, as in life, I say, GROW WHAT YOU LOVE. Find the things that make you happy and grow them. Lots of them. If I ever hesitated with a task my mother, not usually sporting the mouth of a sailor, would…

2 Comments / 277 View / February 17, 2015

Emily Murphy — Celebrating Gardens and Garden Makers

  Petal Pushers is a forum celebrating influential garden makers and green space advocates. A one-stop-shop to learn more about those who make our neighborhoods and communities vibrant and verdant. My hope is that the personal interviews and striking photography found…

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Fava Bean Foraging

Fava beans are either a cover crop with perks or an amazing food plant with perks. I haven’t decided the order but it’s definitely top on the list of most rewarding garden plants. One, they’ll quickly turn any brown thumb…

2 Comments / 141 View / March 29, 2014

Shooting From the Hip

“Shit or get off the pot.”  This is a phrase my mother commanded on a regular basis while I was growing up and continues to utter to this day.  She has never needed to shout, these five words are enough. …

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