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How To Make a Trash Can Planter

If you can convert a trash can into a planter, you can convert nearly anything into a garden. Any size or style, sky’s the limit. Thinking outside the box might be your ticket to a verdant lifestyle filled with the…

2 Comments / 1053 View / July 7, 2016

Water Wise Gardening Trends & Visit With Good Day Sacramento

  You’ve got this. You can still grow what you love with less water, it just means being a little more creative. And I’ve decided drought, adversity in general, makes us better gardeners. It means focusing on just the things…

0 Comments / 249 View / June 3, 2015

How to Grow Potatoes in a Bag

  I love the idea of growing more in less space, especially if I spend little to no money and glean greater benefits, and I love home grown potatoes. There’s something magical (childhood magical) about digging through the earth to find…

8 Comments / 969 View / September 6, 2014