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Random Acts of Flowers: Learnings From the SF Flower Show

  There are 3 things that jump out at me when reading the line-up for the coming San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. Make & Take Stations. Mini DIY workshops spread throughout the show will demonstrate everything from making your own…

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Show Me Your #GrowWhatYouLove

  What do you love to grow? A recent visit to New York City reminded me that, while we may live far and wide, we all have something we love to grow. And, in many ways, these things – whatever…

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Gifts for Gardeners

Whether homemade, reclaimed or store bought gift giving is personal and is, at its core, a wish for someone’s happiness — no matter the season. And, while it’s supposed to be fun, it can be a source of frustration and,…

0 Comments / 457 View / December 1, 2015

The SF Flower & Garden Show | 6 Uses for Gabions in the Garden

  I turned the corner into the show gardens at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show this past weekend to be ultimately impressed with the use of gabions. What can be cooler than gabions? Simple, welded wire baskets made…

0 Comments / 400 View / March 23, 2015

Bee Walls & Insect Hotels: Habitat Inspiration

  With the return of victory gardens, garden to table eating, colony collapse disorder and all things organic (move over Monsanto) the insect world is coming alive. As a culture we’re suddenly asking the question, “is it a bee?” Or,…

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Bring Blooms Inside

The contrast of a flowering fruit tree on a winters day is like a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. A perfect combination. The simple beauty and cheery enthusiasm of these flowers set against a cool, gray afternoon doubles up…

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I apologize for any offensive, off-hand remarks but the laugh is almost always worth it.

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Mow Zone

Okay. You might not have thought of your lawn in these terms, or mowing anything for that matter in these terms, but it’s certainly entertaining. My friend and artist, Bill Reid, recently sent me this art card. Of course, I…

0 Comments / 6 View / September 30, 2012

Victory Garden Bust

Are the days of victory gardens gone? A recent news flurry surrounding misdemeanor charges for growing a front yard veggie garden have made me wonder.  Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan has built 5 raised beds where she grows typical…

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