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Grow What You Love with BigTruck

  When I went searching for an apparel company to match my own work and message, I immediately looked to bigtruck. They’re a self-described “fun first” brand with a passion for the outdoors. Community, a rebellious spirit and a deep…

14 Comments / 495 View / November 1, 2016

Turning to the Sun and Other Magic

  It was like magic. The very first step I took through the sliding glass doors into Terminal 4 at JFK Airport transported me out of the body and mind that kept reminding me of all the things I would…

0 Comments / 168 View / April 11, 2016

2016 Inspiration + Garden Design Magazine Subscription Discount

  I’m hooked. In fact, ever since I picked up my first copy of Garden Design Magazine in 2010 I was hooked. It was bold and beautiful with plenty of room to dream. I had recently finished studies in garden design,…

0 Comments / 448 View / January 15, 2016

Garden Making with Handy Helen

  Helen, aka Handy Helen, is a woman on a mission with a garden growing from beginning, middle to end. Most recently she’s up to her elbows in grant writing with the goal of erecting and running a 50 x…

5 Comments / 207 View / April 28, 2014

Gardening Gone Wild

It wasn’t long ago I was struck with one of my many wild ideas to start a non-profit supporting pollinator gardens. I was convinced then, and still am, that if we work together to create gardens with pollinators in mind…

2 Comments / 80 View / March 24, 2014

Gangsta Gardening with Ron Finley

Ron Finley delivers some great one-liners in his Ted Talk presentation. “Plant some sh*t… get gangsta with it” being tops on the list. But his message is bigger than that. His movement of creating a food forest out of the…

0 Comments / 58 View / April 9, 2013

George Harrison — Gardener

Love it.

0 Comments / 33 View / March 5, 2013

Plant a Tree With Dame Judi Dench

The Woodland Trust is a British organization aiming to save and restore forest lands of the UK. Only 2% of Britain’s ancient woodlands remain. Their latest project, under Queen Elizabeth’s guidance, is to plant 6 million trees as a lasting…

0 Comments / 54 View / July 22, 2012

Russel Crowe’s “My Botany Diary”

Wow.  This is an interesting Vanity Fair article.  My Botany Diary, a Russell Crowe conversation captured, it seems, purely for entertainment.  Not the first R rated perspective on the world of plants I’ve read, but definitely the most crass.  However,…

0 Comments / 33 View / November 5, 2010