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Small Good Things: Hazelnuts & Huckleberries

  Don’t you love those moments when you’re in search of one thing and find something all together different, but equally as wonderful? That’s what happened when I went foraging with my family for wild hazelnuts. It was two years…

2 Comments / 136 View / July 24, 2017

The Gift of Trees

  It’s no mystery that, as people, we’re compelled by trees or that, as children, we’re obliged to climb them. You could say it’s part of our DNA. A quick look through history and across the globe and you’ll find…

0 Comments / 182 View / December 9, 2015

Nature is Good for You | Crayfish & Skipping Stones

  If life were naked it would look like this. The kind of naked you have to get up close to see, and the kind of naked that includes hunting for crayfish and skipping stones. Maybe not like much on a…

0 Comments / 56 View / June 12, 2015

Nature: Our First Language

  I may have found a solution to happy parenting any maybe even some of the world’s problems. Let kids climb trees and eat unwashed, self-picked apples. What could be better? What would childhood be without tree climbing, apple picking,…

0 Comments / 38 View / November 17, 2013

10 Benefits of Trees & More

    I love the idea that trees and the value of trees can be quantified through scientific study. That trees are not only a carbon sink and vital to environmental health but also benefit human health and well being….

2 Comments / 365 View / October 16, 2013

The Reliably Unexpected Moments of Gardening

  Gardening is part planning, part serendipitous and 100% rewarding – in a pick yourself up by your boot straps sort of way. I love the reliably unexpected moments of discovery. Volunteers and new comers mixing up a planting plan,…

0 Comments / 30 View / May 10, 2013

Serendipitous Gardening

The oddest thing happened. I was on a perfectly lovely trail run near the headlands when bits of partially eaten plants and plant parts began littering the path in front of me. Roots, fibers and leaves that looked strangely like…

0 Comments / 25 View / February 29, 2012

Fetid Surprise

The leaves of Fetid Adder’s Tongue, Scoliopus bigelovii, pop out like a beacon below the shaded cover of redwood forest canopy.  Just last week, I was strolling along the trails of Muir Woods, minding my own business, when I could…

0 Comments / 5 View / February 18, 2011

Think Like a Native

It takes a certain amount of street smarts to think like a native.  Confidence, adaptability and the right flavorful pizazz help too.  But what does it mean to be native? The dictionary says something like this: “the place or environment…

0 Comments / 16 View / February 9, 2011


“Dirt!”  My soil science professor cringed at the word.  “It’s not dirt,” he would say, and then add with great reverence,  “It’s SOIL.” 500 years, chemical and physical weathering, growing plants, expanding roots, and busy critters create approximately 1 inch…

0 Comments / 39 View / November 15, 2010