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Every day I’m compelled to ask how I can live that much closer to nature and how I can optimize my own, small garden space. I cram containers and planting beds with a combination of food and flowers in an attempt to bring a blend of wild, form and function into everyday living — melding them into a what equates to me as happiness.

As a graduate of The California School of Garden Design, a student of botany, ecology and environmental science I like to think I find a way to grow what I love every day. Some of my most loved years were spent running school gardens where I taught, tended and shaped a world of exploration and edible landscapes. No matter where I find myself, I consider sites for their ability to grow food and flowers and create mental lists of what those plants might be and how they’d evolve through the seasons.

Grow What You Love

Wondering what to grow, where to grow it and how to begin? Or are you looking for ways to bring nature closer to home and to have a hand in growing some of your own food? I can guide you through the process of garden making from beginning to end or you can simply choose from the services you need.

As a San Francisco based designer and educator I offer a unique set of services, from creating and implementing compelling, effective gardens to supporting individuals through the process of planting and tending kitchen gardens and green living spaces.

Some of the services and specialties I offer include:

  • garden design
  • planting design
  • organic, edible gardens
  • small space gardens
  • outdoor living spaces
  • kitchen gardens
  • water wise plantings
  • smart watering
  • pollinator habitats
  • site evaluation
  • companion plantings
  • container gardens
  • soil basics
  • composting
  • diy tutorials
  • garden coaching

Design, Create, Make, Grow

We can work one-one-one or with a team of specialists to create a space that tells your unique story, changing the way you live and cook. Bring nature closer to home, acquire skills to tend and cultivate your garden and live a hands-on life. You’ll know where your food comes from because you’ve hand a hand in growing it. This alone has unending benefits.

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Design with Emily Murphy & Grow What You Love